Developing and modernizing military equipment and machinery according to the latest international standards.

The following are authorized suppliers:

  • Providing military and security spare parts.
  • Provision of military and security equipment and mechanisms.
  • Manufacturing and localization of military and security technologies

Meet the logistical requirements and participate in the localization of technologies for the military sectors.

Building the capabilities of the military forces through consultations and specialized training.

Project Management, Management, Strategic, and operational consulting.

Specialists of the following :

  • Ensuring the quality of military and security programs and specialized training.
  •  Management of security and military projects.
  •  Management of construction projects.
  •  Military and security projects.
  • Construction projects related to the protection of military and security facilities and areas.
  • Management and operation of various systems related to the military and security aspects.
  • Management and operation of UAV protection and counteraction systems and Related Research, Development, Testing, Evaluation, and training activities.
  • Management of the operation and establishment of the services of the operation and establishment of engineering centers focused on raising the combat capabilities of military equipment.
  • Management of security assessment activities and infrastructure of military and security facilities
Eatad company